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Drunk Grindr Episode Sixteen: No Sexual Tension With The Maverick Men, Whatsoever.

  • Peter and James FUCK, GUYS. IT’S THE MAVERICKMEN. Peter and James try not to pee while hanging out with their gay porn icons, Cole and Hunter. They hear the inside scoops from the ridiculously sexy and cool maverickmen, cuddle, and talk about butthole freckles. Also, Peter falls deeper in love, and does his best not to agree to doing porn.
  • Trigger Warning: James screams with joy and it’s loud.

Drunk Grindr Episode Fifteen: So, There’s Porn On Reddit (NSFW… duh)

  • Peter and James try not to jerk off to straight guys on Reddit, while James shows off his butt plug and Peter shows off his muscles. We realize that Peter is not dead and is very horny. Also, there’s a montage of sexy pics and a visit from a giant dog.

Drunk Grindr Episode Fourteen: Jack’d(aniel’s)

  • Peter Justin and James investigate the newest (?) lust-based social media application, Jack’d, and find ALL the gays in P-town. A tower gets jerked off, and James gets labeled as “bi-curious,” which is a heinous lie. Also, PETER ISN’T IN THIS ONE, and you should be sad about it.
  • "Where are all the roof dicks?"

Drunk Grindr Episode Thirteen: Bryan Cole Jerks Off

  • Peter and James FREAK OUT because we interview our porn and twitter crush, Bryan Cole (favorite). The sexy Ohio stud tells us how best to be horny at the gym and maybe score with some sexy straight undergrads. Also, Peter falls in love.

Drunk Grindr Episode Twelve: Grindr Imposters with Bravo Delta

  • Peter and James start their spree of awesome porn star interviews with our good friend bravodelta9. The nicest stud you’ve ever met. Seriously, this guy has a beard that would make Chuck Norris swoon. Also, Peter shamelessly flirts and James get screechy.

Preview: You Know Where to Fuck Find Us

GUYS we have some really exciting stuff coming up, including @bravodelta9, @BryanColeXXX, and hopefully the very sexy @themaverickmen!

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Sexalent Week Six: Are You Stuck?

Extra long! Extra potent!
Because catholic math doesn’t work like normal math, Lent is actually more than 40 days. Fret not! This means you get FIVE EXTRA SEXALENT DUDES:

36) @DavidJerksToCrt
37) @danielgarofali 
38) @DickandDuane
39) @SomeTipsforLife
40) @ballplayplease
41) @colbymelvin
42) @billycat941
43) @DArienzoAnthony
44) @FlyFromNearby
45) @MrSamuelColt

Also, and this is important, there is CRITICAL FORESHADOWING in this one. Keep an eye out for our After Easter Special that’ll feature our Easter sexalent pick and a big announcement.
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Sexalent Week Five: Are You There, Nastypig™? It’s James&Peter.


Halfway through the munchies we realized that we are sans-nastypig jockstraps that were apparently handed out to all of you at the last Gay General Meeting. Or at least these sexalent fellows have them:

29) @Sverxxx
30) @jdoyle4
31) @SeanLevison
32) @gaypornfanatic
33) @xtrystanxx
34) @JonMcQueen
35) @_Paddy_White_

So Nastypig, keep us well be-jocked and send a few over to @drunkgrindr. Thanks in advance.


More Sexalent studs for your perusal! It’s the manly man issue <3 :

22) @JettjaxX
24) @cdubs503
25) @AccidentalBear 
26) @TommyxRotten
27) @KieronKnightXXX
28) @Wolfy_WolFang